Download the PDF by clicking here. See below for details.

*Signatures can start on Fri Feb 25.

*Use a different petition per County. Print your county only 2 sided.

*Signers use city or township not mailing zip name.

*Only Republicans can sign.

*Get signatures at events and fire halls. You can stand at the USPS or Driver’s License ctr. Ask permission at shop keeper’s locations.

*You sign your petition in statement of circulator. It does not need to be notarized.

* If you need paid for helping me, I can pay $1 per signature for 50 or more republican signatures minimum.

*Please mail to me Sat March 12 unless you live in Westmoreland and can meet me on Mon. You must get it to the USPS Sat before it closes at 4.

Mail to:


POB 1653.

Greensburg, PA 15601.