Remember, remember the third of November.

Although he may not have actually said it, P.T. Barnum is credited with saying, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” I believe with high confidence we can apply this saying to Gov. Tom Wolf’s manipulation of the Republican Pennsylvania Legislature in September 2019.

Act 77 of 2019 provided that voters in Pennsylvania can cast their vote early by either mail-in or absentee ballot. The act also modified voter registration requirements. In exchange, the straight party ticket was eliminated. Wow, you’ve got to be kidding. These Republican-elected officials may have put every major Pennsylvania election in jeopardy in exchange for virtually nothing. This was one of the single greatest acts of incompetence I’ve ever seen.

We just reelected our state representatives, but they and others naively gave Wolf the mail-in ballots that led to drop boxes with no ballot postmarks and a three-day extension in violation of election law that allowed Dems to potentially “steal” the 2020 state elections and presidency. Remember that for the May 2022 primary.

Our state reps should acknowledge their blunder, ask for forgiveness and vow to not run for reelection.

I always vote Republican. I don’t always vote incumbent, but when these primary elections come up, I won’t. They should’ve done a better job protecting President Trump. There’s a world of difference between loyalty and accountability. I’ll be voting for the Republican primary challenger in every race.

Can I offer you a bridge in Brooklyn for sale that I own?

John Ventre