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Vision, Issues, & Values


– No Gerrymandering: Reduce our Legislators from 253 to 67 Reps (1 per county) plus 11 Senators. Enact term limits.

– Make election-day a state holiday.

– Increase pay for Election Day workers.

– Inactive voter rolls must be cleaned twice a year.

– Repeal Act 77 and return to voter ID.

– Ballot harvesting will be illegal. No ballot can be submitted by another person unless a spouse.


– Reduce business tax from 9.9% to 7% in the SE Pa. Remaining businesses pay 5%.

– Eliminate yearly registration fees and the employees who process them.

– Increase sales tax to 6.5%. Any excess will reduce property taxes. LNG port in Philly to export gas.

– Reduce tolls and fuel tax by 30%.

– Most departments reduce budget by 5%.


– Progressive ideas legal in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh only like abortion prior to heart beat detection and eventually eliminated. We will reduce Pa abortions from over 31k/yr to fewer than 10k reducing the need for immigration.

– The state can enact no law affecting religious gatherings or institutions.

– Race and gender will be removed from all applications. “From Many, One”.

– No employee or member of a non-profit can be terminated for social media posts not pertaining to their employer. Social Media will be classified as a “Common Carrier” and not allowed to sensor.

– Cancel culture of individuals will be prosecuted as harassment.

– Attacking a law enforcement officer will be a hate crime.

– Sports competition will be based on birth certificate gender.

– Welfare is limited to 6 years per child and a maximum of 10 total years.


– School tax vouchers can be used at any school.

– All public schools will display “In God We Trust” and recite the pledge of allegiance daily.

– Patriotic 1776 education will be taught along with Creation Apologetics.

– Teachers that violate policies will wear an audio recorder.

The Leadership Our State Needs Right Now

About John

  • A 40-year work history, volunteer and Board record. John has a high level of Executive Management.
  • UPS: Multi-State Security & Crisis Management- Public Affairs Executive.
  • Member of the FBI’s InfraGard group.
  • Member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Business Coalition.
  • Instructor at Behavioral Analysis Interviewing.

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