John  “Never Socialist” Ventre

For PA Governor

75 years ago we had the Greatest Generation.

What do we have now?

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Vision, Issues, & Values


– Pa is 46th in population growth, 42nd in business growth, 38th in fiscal health and 15th in taxes.

– No Gerrymandering: Reduce our Legislators from 253 to 67 Reps (1 per county) plus 17 Senators (1per congressional district). Enact term limits.

– Make election-day a state holiday.

– Increase pay for Election Day workers.

– Inactive voter rolls must be cleaned twice a year.

– Repeal Act 77 and return to voter ID.

– Ballot harvesting will be illegal. No ballot can be submitted by another person unless a spouse.


– Reduce business tax from 9.9% to 7% in the SE Pa. Remaining businesses pay 5%.

– Eliminate yearly registration fees and the employees who process them.

– Increase sales tax to 6.5%. Any excess will reduce property taxes. 

– Reduce tolls and fuel tax by 30%.

– Most departments reduce the budget by 5%.


– Progressive ideas legal in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh only like abortion prior to heart beat detection and eventually eliminated. We will reduce Pa abortions from over 31k/yr to fewer than 10k reducing the need for immigration.

– The state can enact no law affecting religious gatherings or institutions.

– Race and gender will be removed from all applications. “From Many, One”.

– No employee or member of a non-profit can be terminated for social media posts not pertaining to their employer. Social Media will be classified as a “Common Carrier” and not allowed to censor.

– Cancel culture of individuals will be prosecuted as harassment.

– Attacking a law enforcement officer will be a hate crime.

Pass Kyle’s law for self-defense

– Sports competition will be based on birth certificate gender.

– Welfare is limited to 6 years per child and a maximum of 10 total years.


– Our Children Do Not Belong to the State!

– School tax vouchers can be used at any school.

– All public schools will display “In God We Trust” and recite the pledge of allegiance daily.

– Patriotic 1776 education will be taught along with Creation Apologetics.

– Teachers that violate policies will wear an audio recorder.


– No subsidies for wind and solar.

– Liquid Natural Gas port in Philly to export gas.


– Appoint Dr. Zama as Healthcare Secretary.

– Form a committee on race relations and culture.

– Liberalism will be covered as a mental health issue. See this link.

The Leadership Our State Needs Right Now

About John

  • A 40-year work history, volunteer and Board record. John has a high level of Executive Management.
  • UPS: Multi-State Security & Crisis Management- Public Affairs Executive.
  • Member of the FBI’s InfraGard group.
  • Member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Business Coalition.
  • Instructor at Behavioral Analysis Interviewing.

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Westmoreland County Contact Ray Machulsk  [email protected]


I practice Confrontational Politics. In May of 2017, I reposted on Facebook what someone else said about white genocide. I didn’t say it. That’s why it is in quotations but I felt justified in blasting it since no group should be targeted for genocide. My father’s mother was Jewish and her family escaped Poland a century earlier. We saw what happened shortly after at Tree of Life in Pittsburgh. Although I apologized for my angry outburst, the cancel culture attacked and some people believe my lifetime of accomplishments and charitable work should be defined by a Facebook post. Sorry, that is not how my life works. The America I grew up in allowed free speech and we would defend someone’s right to it. 

 I developed this concept to avoid Identity Politics:

The National Organization for the Elimination of Racial Tracking (N.O.E.R.T.)

A legal challenge to Institutional Racism and Race Mongering

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” – Martin Luther King.

Example: When you audition for the Philadelphia Orchestra, it is done behind a black curtain and appearance doesn’t matter.


+ Reject all forms of racism including the elimination of race from all college and employment applications along with the tracking of race.

+ Motivate the Supreme Court to rule on whether the 1965 Affirmative Action Executive Order and diversity tracking violates the 14th Amendment regarding equal treatment.

+ Legislate to revoke nonprofit status (501c3) for all race-based organizations ultimately making these groups illegal.

+ Greatly defund the EEOC and Census Bureau. America needs a merit system, not a quota system.

+ Create awareness of racial bias on social media for civil discussion.

+ End racial profiling by law enforcement.

+ Any derogatory mention of race would be illegal and could be subject to a fine.

+ Educate white males to refuse to answer diversity questions on all applications.

Fair, equal, beneficial treatment for all persons. Promote values where people are not judged by the color of their skin, hair, eyes or other physical attributes.

Race should not be an issue in America which is one of the least racist nations on earth.

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Let’s stick to the true issues.